Every Day is Earth Day

April 22, 2016

Although Earth Day is celebrated just one day a year projects around the world are committed to making Earth Day every day!

In celebration of our planet here are a few facts to highlight how partners and projects are doing their part to respect the environment every day:

  • The Corpus Christi LNG project reduced water intake from an estimated 3,000 to 130 gallons per minute by switching to dry low emissions turbine technology. 
  • In the United Arab Emirates, the Al Taweelah Aluminum Refinery project uses 100% recycled water for irrigation and have a 44% reduction in water consumption.
  • Wallasea Island, Europe’s largest man-made nature reserve, will use 3m tonnes of excavated material from tunnels at the Crossrail project to help create lagoons across an area of marshland twice the size of the City of London.

  • The Watts Bar nuclear power plant is expected to power more than 650,000 homes. The energy generated from this plant is equivalent to preventing nearly 6–8 million tons of carbon emissions.
  • The Caterpillar Foundation invests in environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy Great Rivers Partnership, World Resources Institute, The Land Trust Alliance, Ducks Unlimited, Tropical Forest Foundation to preserve the environment.
  • The Arizona Clean Air Campaign presented Bechtel, American Express, WebPT, and State of Arizona Travel Reduction Programs with the Outstanding Transportation Coordinator award. This recognizes sustainable commuting programs that reduce air pollution and traffic congestion through alternative modes of transportation.

Children around the world have also highlighted through their artwork the importance of preserving our environment. Here’s a look at some of their great drawings.

Wallasea Island gif Courtesy of Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


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