STEM Activities for the Holiday Break

December 26, 2016

Many students are home from school and enjoying holiday break. Being home from school is a great time for kids to do some cool science, technology, engineering and mathematics—STEM projects.

STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators!  

These hands-on activities from DiscoverE are a great way to get kids excited about STEM and have fun over break!

Students explore the different properties of the materials used to make slime and see how they can be combined to form a new material.

Strength of Domes
See how strong a dome shape really is. Witness a seemingly weak and brittle material hold up under a heavy load.

Building Block Structures
To get a sense of what real-world project management is like, create a recognizable structure out of whatever materials they've got, on time and within constraints, in spite of unexpected changes occurring throughout the project.

Windy City Tower
Participants learn about lateral forces, strong building design, and wind tunnel testing as they plan out and make a paper tower that meets specific design constraints and withstands as much wind as possible without sliding or toppling over.

Find additional projects on the DiscoverE 'Cool Content & Activities' page. 

These additional resources also provide fun STEM activities:



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